PAIF conversion | Setting Up a PAIF (Property Authorised Investment Fund) | 100% SDLT Relief

The government appear set to introduce a 100% relief from SDLT for the initial transfer of properties into an authorised PAIF or CoACS.

The relief will have a significant impact on the industry, now opening up the possibility of efficiently transitioning any portfolio of UK property to seed a new fund (PAIF or ACS) without SDLT liability (excl Scotland, where the fiscal fissures continue). You can read more about this news here.

North Star Corporate Finance are PAIF experts and advise fund managers on planning, implementing and operating structures such as PAIFs to deliver strategic change – including the launch of new funds for institutional and/or retail investors; restructuring of funds and structuring of fund management entities, strategic exits and incentive structures (such as carry structures).

To get in touch with North Star please call Andrew Månsson-Lowe on 0207 268 3095 or email: andrewmanssonlowe@northstarcorporatefinance.co.uk

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