Cross Border Financial Promotion Advisory

Any firm (whether EU or non-EU) wishing to market or provide funds and investment management services on a cross-border basis into the EEA, will need to understand the requirements of European and national legislation. More widely, any fund or its manager wishing to undertake financial promotion internationally will need to be aware of the local regulations and indeed ensure their onshore and offshore activities are compliant with local laws, regulations and practices and, as necessary, local filings and registrations of products. Our products include:

* Bespoke cross border marketing written advice on a country by country basis for in excess of 70 countries worldwide. This includes onshore and offshore activity advice and protocols (including penalties for non-compliance). This can be refreshed on a regular basis as local laws and regulations change. Source memoranda and legislation provided.
* Written and oral disclaimer language for inclusion with any financial promotion, which are approved and signed off via our network of partner international law firms, to ensure that the cross border activities undertaken are conducted with minimal risk.
* Project management of offshore regulatory or licensing product registrations and ongoing local compliance filings in order to ensure that the client and product is fully compliant with local regulations for the marketing of their products and services.
* Review of financial promotion and other materials to be utilised cross border
Onsite training