OPCI | Organisme de Placement Collectif Immobilier | Restructuring of French Real Estate Holding Structure and Implementation of an OPCI for a pan-European Real Estate Fund

North Star Corporate Finance has successfully completed the restructuring of the French real estate  holding structure for a pan-European Real Estate Fund, including the introduction of an OPCI within the group structure.

The restructuring, led by the team at North Star, involved layers of legal, tax and regulatory complexity, in particular noting the existing real estate which was required to be transitioned into a tax transparent structure and the overall holding structure was itself part of a wider open-ended investment company domiciled in Luxembourg. The implementation required substantial technical dexterity together with operational aspects with the appointment and directing of the local French portfolio management company and depositary. The OPCI was approved by the AMF, the local regulator.

The purpose of an OPCI (“Organisme de Placement Collectif Immobilier”) is to primarily invest in French real estate assets for rental activity or to build assets exclusively for lease, either directly or indirectly. The primary benefit being, assuming certain tests are met, the structure provides French tax transparency for the purpose of income and gains arising from the real estate.

Managing Director, Andrew Månsson-Lowe, commented “Whilst OPCIs are traditionally open-ended pooled investment vehicles for real estate, in response to the shifting fiscal landscape in Europe with the implementation of BEPS and other changes such as the double tax treaty between Luxembourg and France, professional OPCIs are being increasingly utilised to optimise the efficiency of intra group structures. Whilst a challenging transaction, we are delighted to have successfully delivered the project for our client to meet their commercial objectives.”

January 2018

About North Star Corporate Finance: North Star offers technical corporate finance expertise with overall project delivery to funds and fund managers in the UK and across Europe. Our expertise includes structuring and restructuring real estate funds into OPCIs, PAIFs and REITs both onshore and cross-border. For more information about North Star Corporate Finance and how we can assist please get in touch.

You can download the tombstone HERE or by clicking on the below image.

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PAIF Index 2017 Q3 | Property Authorised Investment Fund Index | North Star Corporate Finance | Expert Corporate Finance

North Star Corporate Finance is delighted to issue its quarterly PAIF Index publication, for the period of Q3 2017.  Over the period in Q3 2017, the absolute PAIF Index increased by 1.4%. The corresponding movement in the REIT benchmark over the period was -1.4%. The year-on-year change (Q3 2016 vs Q3 2017) of the benchmark REIT index changed +6.0% compared to +8.4% for the PAIF Index for the period (a relative outperformance of +2.4%). Whilst the overall UK commercial property valuations in Q3 2017 continued the trend of recent quarters, the UK market is however witnessing divergence across sectors, with industrials notably outperforming other sectors, with returns driven by a combination of yield compression and good rental growth.

The NSCF PAIF Index provides an integral benchmark of relative performance of basket of Property Authorised Investment Funds (“PAIFs”), representing a proxy for the performance of the authorised UK commercial property funds market. The PAIF Index is also assessed against a benchmark of a basket of UK REITs, useful in presenting the clear differentials in valuation approaches and volatility between the UK property open-ended funds market and UK property closed-ended listed market. Our publication includes market commentary and major issues impacting the valuations of the property portfolios and market events and drivers.

To download the full PAIF Index Q3 2017 report, click here.

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For further information or queries, please contact Andrew Mansson-Lowe, Managing Director of North Star Corporate Finance.

About North Star Corporate Finance
North Star offers technical corporate finance expertise with overall project delivery to funds and corporates in the UK and Europe. Our expertise includes structuring and restructuring funds in the UK and cross-border. For more information about our services please get in touch.

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